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Transformation through moderation groups

Transformation Groups & MMG – Master Mind Groups

For people and managers who want to develop further, I put together programs designed by Dr. John C. Maxwell and tested thousands of times worldwide.
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What are transformation groups and MMG’s – Master Mind groups?

New ones are constantly starting

Transformation Tables & MMG's = Master Mind Groups

…are 6-12 like-minded people who meet for an exchange, usually weekly, with a planned schedule and topics.

Expiry of the 90 minute MMG:
  • Summary of experiences with the previous week’s topic.
  • Impulse new topic
  • Exchange new topic
  • Goals of the week with this topic

The results cannot be compared with anything, as you plan and immediately implement constant short input and simultaneous experiences with the topic and also reflect on them with the group.

Since I implemented these MMGs and transformation tables, I have seen incredible transformations/changes in people in a very short space of time. The participants want to develop further and higher on their own. Growth spurts occur among people and managers that cannot be compared with conventional training and seminars.

Save time for topics that really matter.

Mutual strengthening through collaboration on topics such as:

today is about topics in MasterMind groups.

Different approaches

I have tested them all myself, seminars, training courses, workshops... but the MMG's have the greatest effect. A wide variety of topics can be exchanged and applied immediately - with a ball in the goal effect.

Expert advice

With over 30 years of management experience, I am in contact with experts around the world and constantly exchange ideas. This also helps my MMG group members. Tested topics paired with your own experiences make a great combination.

Professional team

In the John Maxwell team we are 40,000 S/T/C speakers, trainers & coaches who are constantly exchanging ideas and in the other consultant groups across Europe we are over 300 trainers & consultants who together find the best solutions for our B2B customers.

Results oriented

Knowledge and ability are a prerequisite, but doing things often fails. Implementation changes the world. The well-moderated meetings mean that people want to put the knowledge into action on their own.

Transformation about Luch & Learn / MMG / Workshop / Training

“Have over 40,000 moderators countless people over Transformation groups brought forward”

I developed myself and at the same time found new friends in the master mind group, like-minded people who were also looking for a safe atmosphere to grow.

Transformation Group